Thursday, June 16, 2005

my CMJ experience

i checked out nearly thirty bands during the 4 day CMJ festival, here is how my CMJ experience was.

june 8: pixies at the nautica. fun show on a hot summer night. i heard their earlier show at the rock hall had lots of sound gliches but this later show really had none. thought it was odd that the place was only 1/3 full considering the 15.000 people that was at the akron show earlier this year..

pixies @ nautica
a video is at

june 9. futureheads at the grog played a decent set but the heads have a lot of annoying people that surround them such as their sound-guy whom bitched at me for standing off side-stage shooting photography (i always stand there at shows like electric six, vhs or beta, nine shocks terror, british sea power, etc. etc and never had a problem with it) they also have obnoxious flashing strobe lights that flash all over the room and in your eyes. i missed coffinberry but the national act that opened was pretty bland in MHO.

futureheads @ grog

i caught the tail end of steve malkmus at the beachland ballroom after the grog show and was not overly impressed. everyone i talked to was pissed that he played no pavement..
the after show in the tavern was alot more fun with the perfect guy putting on a solid set and corrie from seattle singing a duet of sorts with dave.

perfect guy @ beachland tavern

june 10. with temps off the asphalt hovering about 120 degrees, we biked down to festival village and caught bands: pb army, big buildings, murder your darlings, the talk and marat.
the talk had an excellent set of punk originals and sounded a lil british (sexpistolish) mixed with a lil superchunk which makes sense considering theyre from north carolina. MYD also rocked the stage with metal infused punkrock. marat seems like they have something going but at this point we were burning up and found it hard to enjoy anything so off we went to great lakes to replenish fluids and to ride out the thunderstorm. (the crowds at the festival village consisted of about a dozen people, i guess you can blame the heat but i believe it was not properly promoted and clevelanders know how city sponsered parking lot gigs gouge patrons..).

"big buildings" @ festival village

later that night was spoon whom had a sweet show that featured a lot off their new CD. (unfortunatly i missed the opener: clientele) i again found myself chastised about photography positioning, this time by the stage manager of spoon..

spoon @ beachland ballroom

june 11. the beachland had an afternoon BBQ featuring locals roue, the new lou reeds, mystery of two and the very entertaining peelander-z a japanese band from NYC, this was the forth time in 8 months i've seen peelander and that should say enough about how much i enjoy them..

peelander-z @ the beachland tavern

roue @ beachland tavern

new lou reeds @ beachland tavern

later this evening was boatz, home and garden, mystery of two and grafton at pat's in the flats, all bands put forth solid sets with grafton having the most energetic set ending with the dude smashing his guitar on the drummers kit, a fitting end for these four days..

 home and garden   /   mystery of two  @  pat's in the flats

grafton @ pat's in the flats

many other photos can be found here.



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