Friday, August 26, 2005

alana baranack and "life on the death beat"

having the pleasure to know alana baranack (mommy machine) and having some very interesting conversations within the last few years i have known her has made the upcoming arrival of her new nonfiction book "life on the deathbeat" all the more anxious to be had. i was going to write about this book that is being published by marion street press and was expected by mid-ugust but couldn't wait and have decided to share my anticapation of something that should be really awesome.

i have not the time to detail the conversations and obit-articles that i have enjoyed but fortunatly there is a sweet website that alana's son zach has created and is proudly hosted on that details many of the interesting experiences and award winning articles that alana has written, go there now!

The authors of Life on the Death Beat - Alana Baranick, Jim Sheeler and Stephen Miller - are veteran obit writers. Baranick, who won the 2005 American Society of Newspaper Editors Best News Writing Award in the obits category, writes obits for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Sheeler writes for the Rocky Mountain News in Denver, and Miller is the obits editor for the New York Sun


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