Wednesday, August 31, 2005

bernard video

bernard sokolowski has an extensive amount of video online from around the globe. bernard would ride his bike on cross-country trips with a helmet cam and post video to his website/video blog ( ). earlier this summer bernard was severly injured on the side of the road in italy where a motorist (that fled) ran over him and his bike. the accident is detailed in a june plain dealer article.
after recently getting out of metro hospital bernard has been doing much rehab to back the extensive damage to his leg. his website states that he will have a couple new videos up as well as a movie soon, currently a video named "walk before flying" that was shot by his dad: bernie sokolowski (of sokolowski's university inn) while bernard was in a coma is available on his site.

[the plain-dealer has deleted that paged linked in this post.]


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