Tuesday, August 30, 2005


pat of pat's in the flats fame is having her 60th year celebration this saturday the 3rd at 6pm and i was helping her with booking and promotion of the event which proved quite a challenge when one of the first bands to agree canceled at the last minute. this was after they requested to go on last and when they were granted that they complained that they would have to go on after "9 shocks terror" then shortly after that they cancelled. a couple days after that happened, steve of 9 shox informed me that he can't find a replacement for their drummer that is in las vegas and regretfully has to cancel.
as i was awaiting word from steve about the drummer situation i heard from chris of 9 volt haunted house that their band can't play because they "forgot about the date" and they have other shows scheduled around the same time period. this was unfortunate for a couple reasons: chris asked pat to play this gig about 6 months ago (all the other bands were invited) and when i mentioned to him back then that i noticed that his band was scheduled to play that gig he said "of course, 9 volt SHOULD play that fest" or something to that effect. well i was at pat's when i heard that they cancelled and seen chris there passing out flyers to another show he had scheduled at pat's within a week of the 60th year celebration show. chris apologized that they cancelled and mentioned that "he will try to find a replacement". i still thought that was a pretty lame thing to do to pat. the next week while i was awaiting word back from a couple bands to replace them, i got word that they have decided indeed play the event..

luckily, malcolm ryder came through and their band "sosumi" has agreed to replace 9 shox. "sosumi" was the first original band to play pat's when she decided to have local rock bands perform an make pat's what it is today.

this post is not meant to be a rant on anybody including the 9 volt people but i wanted to vent some of the problems one can encounter when organizing an event. the lineup wasn't finalized til monday night and i finalized the flyer today (try to ignore all the erasure marks).


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