Monday, August 29, 2005

i was "sawyerized"

Saturday morning was come, and all the summer world was bright and fresh, and brimming with life. There was a song in every heart; and if the heart was young, the music issued at the lips. There was cheer in every face and a spring in every step. The locust-trees were in bloom, and the fragrance of the blossoms filled the air. Cardiff Hill, beyond the village and above, it was green with vegetation, and it lay just far enough away to seem a Delectable Land, dreamy, reposeful, and inviting. ~twain

while moseying on my bike on a lazy sunday afternoon i spotted lisa_b painting her cyclone fence a dark green color and i decided to stop to chat. after a lil small talk lisa notices that i'm intrigued by the color change happening in front of me and asks: "would you like to try? its kinda fun". well, being a man of adventure, i take lisa up on her offer and start painting away. not until i notice my wrist cramping and the sun in the other part of the sky, do i look around for lisa, only to find her on the porch with some drink with a tiny umbrella in it and her feet propped up. this was when lisa decided to speak, only to ask me "was that tom sawyer whom tricked his pals into painting the fence".

so i guess the joke was on me but i did end up with a couple tacos from the deal and a "sierra mist" soda drink.

-not all details are 100% accurate in this story..


Blogger Adam Harvey said...


She's the lady with the little Buddha statue in her yard, right?

9:23 AM, August 30, 2005  
Blogger lou m said...

heh, thats her..

1:54 PM, August 30, 2005  
Blogger Adam Harvey said...

Now I'm suspicious about that time I helped her find her cat.

2:11 PM, August 30, 2005  

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