Friday, August 19, 2005

local radio on clevelands WRUW & WCSB

cleveland is fortunate to have a few top notch college radio stations in town that play alternative music on a daily basis. WRUW is my favorite and have several friend with DJ slots (listed below), i don't always get to listen to the shows live but RUW not only streams their live broadcast but also archives all shows for a week. this is great for those whom like to listen to good music when working on or near their computer or just doing chores around the house.
i found the best way to use their live stream or access archived shows is by copying the the link and playing in winamp (open url in winamp). clicking on the archive link will have your computer download the whole show that could be 20+ megs. so yah, jsut copy link and paste into the winamp player.
WCSB is another local option yet it does not archive shows. you can listen live with windows media player or real audio or an MP3 stream (winamp). another option is to listen to my radio station on launchcast.

WRUW shows:
radio dystopia
michael poltz, thurs. 12-2pm
live from cleveland
local live music, thurs. 10-11pm
respect the rock USA
steve barrett, thurs. 4-7am
rock and pop souffle
charlie saber, tues. 5-7am

WCSB shows (not archived):
skin scratch test
erick hughes, mon. 3-5pm
the worst day ever
jon hicks, friday 9-11pm


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