Wednesday, August 17, 2005

rafeeq's porch

aka: our summer
ever since rafeeq moved in to his new pad on west 10th this summer we have been taking advantage of his sweet porch on many late night, spending most the time BSing about this and that most of no signifacance but every once in a while we bounce some ideas to each other and come up with a few good ones (more on that later).
there have been times that more than a dozen of us ends up hanging out half the night. we should make up a sign in sheet to keep track (alot of times strangers walking the street will end up hanging out) of the "porch particapants".
rafeeq mentioned that he started writing a story of this summer in tremont and i'm sure there will be many porch stories covered (i'm hoping he'll be a lil descret with some of my tales).


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