Friday, September 23, 2005

aaron koonce illustrations

aaron koonce has been drawing illustrations for the cleveland free times for several months now and i find it very refreshing for the fledging local zine.
aaron has the knack of getting his point across without "knocking you over the head" like other cartoonists in the local scene.
the cartoon pictured is in the current issue (092105) and is what sparked this post more so than being an acquaintance of aaron and his art for the last few years. the cartoon depicts a black man with a knife in his back while a couple cops have their pistols on him despite of the mans plea of "help". the similarities of a killing of a 15 year old boy by two cleveland poliemen two weeks ago while serving a search warrant at 5 in the morning. the police said the victim was "wielding a knife" before the two officers shot ten bullets in the boys body.
i'm not sure if this was the story aaron was referring to but the point is that it sprurred a image in this viewers mind and i believe that is more effective than shouting your point across..


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hey lou....
FYI: aaron has a blog

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