Monday, September 12, 2005

amy casey's paintings

while the cleveland browns were getting trounced at the stadium i made a visit to the "warsazawa gallery" in slavic village. amy casey's paintings are featured this month (september) and can be seen 1-6 pm saturdays & sundays.
amy explains her work as "strongly influenced by my industrial surroundings and stories of everyday life" and that is quite evident via man-made infrastructure such as telephone poles, oil tankers, steel mills, railroads and the tracks, wires, pipes, rails and mans desire for control that connects them all and permeates amy's work.
while viewing many of the canvases i found it easy to be absorbed in the artwork feeling small amongst the infrastructure, much like the lil-bunny like creatures that dot her paintings.
i've spent many years trying to capture that feeling via photography but have yet to reach the level that amy creates.
the warsazawa gallery is located at 3722 e.65th street (near fleet ave.).
if you cannot make it to the gallery i suggest you at least checkout her website.


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