Monday, September 05, 2005

incongruity fest

ray mcniece hosted the poetry slam
"ingenuity fest" was one of the "big" events happening downtown this weekend and because of prior commitments and other events i was only able to catch the sunday activities. there was a couple events going on sunday that i really wanted to see, one of them being the "poetry-slam" that was held on the "first street stage". finding the 1st st. stage presented a huge challenge. no problem, i am not too proud to ask for directions and asked the first official i seen whom was sitting under a canopy. when asked where abouts i can find the stage the kind lady quickly replied "honey, cleveland has no first street" and the man whom was sitting with her only affirmed her reply. i kinda already knew this though it had nothing to do with my question, so i showed them the handout and the event listed for that locale and that drew a moment of bewilderment followed by "well this is 4th street (we were on euclid ave. near 4th st.) so i would have to assume that (pointing to the main stage on euclid) stage is the 1st street stage." i replied that is the main stage. they then replied that all events are on a timed schedule and if i wait awhile what i am looking for would soon come up..

i was on bike so i decided to circle downtown one more time to see if i was missing something only to end up asking a cleveland cop on prospect ave. my query. he quickly replied "there is no 1st street". ok, i return to euclid ave. and ask another offial at a booth and she told me that perhaps that alley over there was the street. i go down the alley and exit with no luck and continue to stroll down prospect thinking of the limited options i had available. it was then that i rose my head and noticed a small square foot sign hanging 15 feet high on a pool and quickly squeezed my left hand leading to an abrupt stop. i looked about but seen no stage and then asked a fellow sitting outside a baricaded parking garage drive if he knew where this stage was, he then pointed to the sign and asked me if i see the sign? i told him i did but there are no arrows or further instructions and i don't see the stage. he gave me an exasperated look and pointed down the baricaded garage entrance, whew!

the area was under a parking garage near an old loading dock which was quite a nice setting. unfortunately for me was that on my quest to find an imaginary street i missed a couple poets i meant to see: r.a. washington (rafeeq) as well as maj ragain & kisha foster, i did get to see malachai, mcniece, michael salinger, katie daley and an entertaining read by amy sparks whom read a poem by one of the workers that worked these docks she was reading from.

having caught much of the days ingenuity fest while circling downtown on my bike, there was only a couple attractions that i actually stopped for besides the poetry and that being: go-signs exhibit on 4th street which had some nice art though it wasn't all that different from some of their events in the past on the westside.

cobra verde was the only band i hung around for but missed the band described as "chick rock" on the ingenuity-fest description. i shot some photos of CV and a couple poets but was not inspired much to take many others and there are only so many bubble machines, stilt walkers and face painting photos that i care to take..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Who" is for someone acting: "Amy Sparks, who read...". "Whom" is for objects of prepositions (to whom, for whom, with whom).

9:12 AM, September 07, 2005  
Blogger lou m said...


i didn't know sister mary patrick was grading this. i'll try harder next time anonymous.

12:32 PM, September 07, 2005  
Anonymous mary c. said...

hey lou! sorry i missed you at the ingenuity fest. i agree with you it was really flippin' hard to find anything. i couldn't even find the ticket booth so i guess it's good i didn't really want to see any ticketed events. i was watching cobra verde too from the front row right side, i understand steve-0 was also there and sam starborn was filming and i missed both o' them too! it just wasn't my weekend for seeing people i guess. in answer to your question, do i have a blog, i do have one but it's on livejournal and these days it's mostly locked (they have a fiends-only locking option on there). if you ever get over there. talk to ya soon!!

12:41 PM, September 10, 2005  

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