Thursday, September 22, 2005

last days of the summer

harvest moon
its been about a week that i have posted to this blog and have been busy with tons of stuff at home and work as well as taking advantage of the last few days of summer. i'll run by a few things that i've done since my last post.

we helped rafeeq with getting his "viva libre books and music" ready (painting, etc.) for the opening and the "fair trade artzine" benefit that was held on friday 16 (i'll have photos available soon "rosko" photos).
there was also a few shows i was able to get to including black dice/wolfeyes where wolfeyes put on an awesome but short-set at the grog and the black dice had my toe tapping a bit but they did not seem the same without a drummer.
friday night was the big bash at aforementioned viva libre books & music that lasted til the wee hours but i was still able to make it to lisa & dougs morning (11:30) wedding. the wedding was held at the rockefeller center in cleveland heights. i had the pleasure of meeting her sweet friend sasha and the wedding was real nice and lisa looked great, now she is on a baby-making mission so we'll see how that turns out.
the nice thing about an early wedding is that one still has time for the saturday eve/night which i took full advantage of. after grabbing a bite at the tremont "art" & cultural fest i set out for eikona art auction that features local artist, i made a bid for the amy casey piece (painting of an old accordian business on 25th street or about 100 yards from where i'm typing this) but my limit was toppled by some other lucky fellow.
the auction was over by midnight so shawn and i went to the "lit" for a couple where we ran into rosalita whom was still sulking about not making enough for her art piece at the auction, and she wonders why i call her "eurobrat". shawn_f whom easily gets board asks that we leave and hang out at the bookstore, shawn gets lost but we hangout until we fell asleep.
sunday i relaxed watching the steelers gouge another opponent then ran to get something to eat at the tremont "art" and cultural fest that was the same ole food fest with someone singing "puff the magic dragon" in the background. it has been a few years since i've bothered to bring my camera to the TA&CF.
later that night was the flaherty and corsano show at pat's in the flats which i've been anticipating all week. i guess the best way flaherty and corsano music has been described is "free improvisation" but when you see them you imagine that it has been rehearsed forever. this show would have to go down as one of the best shows that i've seen at the 300+ shows at pat's in the flats and the best overall show since "the ex" played the grog a few years ago.
it was especially nice to see flaherty and corsano with a receptive audience that appreciated the performance. bill weida wrote a nice piece on his (of all places) myspace blog, check it out.


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