Monday, September 26, 2005

moe's is duff

moe's is under new ownership and higher drink prices.
i'm not a huge "simpson's" fan so don't blame me for plagiarism if this analogy is similar to an actual simpson episode.
imagine watching the simpson's and seeing homer all happy on his way to his favorite watering hole. as homer walks in he can feel something different and outta place but can't "place his finger on it" outside of the sideroom that has been cleared of the old chairs and tables and now is lit with light so bright that they would appear to be overkill in a parking lot with a ATM machine that's located in the ghetto, so homer immediately orders his domestic beer of choice "duff" which he then is served and asked by the bartender for $$. after nearly chocking on his hops over the $$ asked by the strange face behind the bar, homer manages to get out "DUFF IS ONLY $". the bartend then explains that moe's has been sold to "peter plaid" and is "hipsizing" the place to suit the younger generation that has disposable income and explains that this is actually a good thing since the new price structure has also ridden the establishment of the "rifraf" that once hung out there-
well, this was all that homer could stand to hear before he yells "BUT I LIKE THE RIFRAF!!!" and slams his beer down and stomps out while yelling a few f-bombs at the happy "upmobes" at the bar on his way out.

so that is my analogy of the new moe's tavern except i was warned about the new ownership before hand and the increased prices to deal with natives but thought i might of been able to ignore that all and since i was going to see a couple friends and their bands play that my mind would be distracted and i would be able to enjoy myself. as my luck would have it, the bands were slow in getting started and i stood at the bar listening to the new owner tell (probably for the millionth time) how moe's was once in a kevin bacon film and other nonsense.
i could deal with the nonsense but couldn't shake the feeling of being trapped in a kevin bacon film so off i went in search of where the rifraf went..


Blogger steveg said...

So that's why I saw you at the Lit.

Rifraf Wannabe

8:58 AM, October 06, 2005  

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