Friday, October 07, 2005

the artwork of stephe dk

miller weitzel gallery
stephe dk is not only the frontman for the cleveland band "the new lou reeds" but also is an accomplished artist. stephe will be showing his canvases this friday night (oct. 7th - 7-11pm) at the miller weitzel gallery on 5304 detroit ave.
i have a prized piece of stephe (circa 2001) from his show at the brandt gallery in tremont a few years back which has a dog standing upright as it eats a can of goya beans from a can with a fork.
the art-piece displayed on the flyer for this upcoming show (shown) depicts a line in the song "gift of humor" where stephe describes the morning of 9/11 after he awoke and heard the news on the TV. that song is still one of my favorite "stephe dk" solo songs and i always badgered him to play it until one day he presented me a personalized copy of the song on a CDR, "the gift of humor" remains unreleased to this day..

post-note (oct.21):
liz bly did an interesting review of this show in the cleveland free-times, the article can be found here but this last paragraph that caught my eye:
"And it is never clear whether his current economic status truly informs his perceptions of these cultural images. Ultimately, the women in Disco Magic are victims of a brand of classless misogyny, and Stephe DK’s rendering of them does nothing to quell the viewer’s suspicion that he is in some way complicit in proliferating and consuming the images he seeks to “wrestle” with. "


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