Monday, October 03, 2005

blue monday

Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen gestures to Cleveland Indians fans and Tribe mascot Slider during a pitching change in the sixth inning. The White Sox won, 3-1 - (The Lorain Journal, David Richard/Associated Press)
in cleveland one does not have much to cheer about but i was rooting for the indians to make the playoffs. they looked like they had a real shot a week ago when they were one of the hottest teams in baseball and they were within one game of the plummeting chicago whitesox for the not only division lead but the best record in the american league. well. here we are a week later and it is october with the regular season over and indian fans are reeling after seeing their team lose six games of the last seven.
people are saying they choked which is fine but i believe it had more to do with inexperience than anything.
i feel sorry for the tribe fans because most of them are going to begin rooting for the browns as for me i'll be rootin for the "hated" pittsburgh steelers.


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Funny picture.

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