Wednesday, October 19, 2005

what to be

maybe i'll be the *atomic wedgie*, nah..
the last few weeks i've been hounded by people asking what i will be on halloween, a question i never figure out until the halloween day. its not that i don't think about it until halloween, i've been thinking of ideas but all seem lame. i believe it was last year or the year before that i was radiohead and duct-taped a radio on my head (it had a plug and i plugged it in a couple times that night).
well, i was talking to bubba at edisons open-mic and he was telling me that machine go boom are going to dress up like characters in their songs (bubba is going to be "hot potato") this sounds like a good idea especially that it narrows down all the possibilities that one can "be" that night which is my biggest hurdle when coming up with a costume.
so i was thinking of using this formula (character from an MGB song) for my costume and right now "joe" sounds like a real possibility considering how easy the preparation would be. there are other more obvious characters i could use (cancer boy, kazoo, thomas edison, m_monroe) but i'm sure different bandmates will be using.
there is also a good chance that i won't use the MGB formula and dress as something else since i came up with different idea in the 15mins that has taken me to write this..

listen to these MGB songs and come up with idea then send me so i can "put it up for consideration". (mp3 files)
themcancer boyms hepburns househot potatocaptain obviousthe kazoo starthis song is a secret


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