Monday, November 14, 2005

2005 year end compilation

2004(b) end of year compilation, click for both sides image
i have spent some of my free time recently compiling songs from 2005 for my year end compilation CD (image shown is 2004 track listing). this will be the 4th consecutive year that i have compiled songs for a "mix-cdr" to hand out to kind people around the holiday. this will be the second year of having said CDR contain only songs from that year (in 2003/02 i would mix older songs in with the new stuff).
this year i got a head start, in years past i've always waited for xmas to approach and sometimes ended up completing it on new-years eve. i hope to have the first run ready by thanksgiving day (a post listing what sweet shows that are going on "turkey-day" will be posted later this week) and it won't be till then when the complete track listing will be posted, those who know me probably know that "devandra banhart" and "coco rosie" will be represented on the comp especially after playing the hell out of both CDs as of late.
JPEGs of the previous three comps can be had by clicking on the appropiate year (2004 had 2 versions): 2004 / 2004-B / 2003

email or message me if you would like to reserve a copy of the 2005 comp.

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