Wednesday, November 16, 2005

cleveland & red-light cameras

this week the city of cleveland attempts to raise money lost from corruption and mismanagement of the city/state by having cameras at different locations throughout the city nab red-light violators as well as speeders. four camera are already in use and many more are proposed. fines are $100 for the unmanned cams and $200 for the cams that are located in manned police cars, the locations are pasted below.

CLEVELAND -- Monday (11.14.05), the city began using four red-light cameras.
The cameras are at:

Prospect and East 40th
East 71st and Chester
Intersection of Shaker Square and Shaker Blvd
West Blvd and North Marginal

Proposed Intersections For Red-Light Cameras
The following is a list of the proposed sites for red-light and speeding cameras. There are no downtown locations included.

Red light and speed cameras:

Shaker Boulevard at Shaker Square
Chester Avenue at Euclid Avenue
West Boulevard at North Marginal Road
Shaker Boulevard and East 116th Street
West Boulevard at Interstate 90 ramp
Chester Avenue at East 71st Street
East 55th Street at Carnegie Avenue
East 131st Street at Harvard Avenue
Carnegie Avenue at East 30th Street
Cedar Avenue at Murray Hill Road
Grayton Road at Interstate 480 ramp
Euclid Avenue at Mayfield Road
Warren Road at Interstate 90 ramp
Prospect Avenue at East 40th ramp
East 116th Street at Union Avenue
West 117th Street at Interstate 90 ramp
Pearl Road at Biddulph Road
Carnegie Avenue at East 100th Street
Memphis Avenue at Fulton Road
Lake Shore Boulevard at East 159th Street
St. Clair Avenue at London Road

Speed only cameras:

Clifton Boulevard between West 110th and West 104th
Chester Avenue between East 55th and East 40th Streets
Woodland Avenue between Interstate 90 ramp and Madison Avenue
Broadway between Harvard and Miles avenues
Lee Road between Tarkington Avenue and Interstate 480 ramp

(data was sewn from various news outlets)


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