Thursday, November 10, 2005

getting nip on "natties"

many people have laughed at my choice in beer (natural light) but i really never gave a damn. its not that i disagree with them, it is a pretty lifeless tasting beer. i find it the cheapest beer available at the local mom & pop shops & gas stations and can be bought for $6.25 including tax but recently the "gas city" station on clark has it for $5.50 to go, from their drive-thru window and that is real convenient.
last night after my late shift i called my dude wasco to see if anything was happening and he told me was broke. so to make a long story short, i invited him over to share (wasco paid me for his share with his most recent poetry book: "thee flat bike #6") my 12-pak of "natties" that i purchased from the drive thru on the way home from work.
so we ended up watching the flaming lips documentary "fearless freaks" which is quite good and has a lot of interviews & home video footage from like 30 years ago. i've seen FF before but never seen the last 30 mins because of a flaw with the DVD until i messed with the thing and got it to finish.
we also ended up watching a few short videos that i taped and a few from the ecstatic peace site.
when letting matt out i told him about my 74 year old neighbor that lives in the apartment behind me that also drinks natural light. she seems to be doing ok and is working a full time job, third shift at a speedway on denison so if all is equal i will be pleased to reach my 70s enjoying the liquid value know as "natties" though i hope i'm not working at a all night gas station..


Blogger Adam Harvey said...

I thought I saw Wasco at Edison's the other night...

2:39 PM, November 10, 2005  

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