Thursday, December 15, 2005

2005 year-end compilation

the cover of the comp is shown, roll over image for the track-listing. if you see me, ask for a copy and hopefully i'll have one with me or can arrange to get you one.

i've been working on this for a couple months and believe i came up with a sweet
reflection of the music that came out during 2005. within the last week a few
bands fell off the comp despite being solid reps but one has to draw the line
somewhere and i thought that some of the stuff that came out in the last few
months warranted a place on this 2005 retrospective. the 2005 is not my
"best of 2005" but most all the songs i thought worthy and "fit
in" the 78mins that was available.

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Blogger Adam Harvey said...

Dude, this CD totally rules. Thanks for hooking me up. I've been burning it up today.

11:40 AM, December 16, 2005  

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