Wednesday, December 07, 2005

hopping around on a gaudy leg-lamp

wow, the leg-lamp really creates great atmosphere..
a little while back a portion of the shops, bars & restaurants in my neighborhood broke away from the "tremont art-walk" (that's a story for another day) and banded together to form the "tremont art-hop". that is not really something that i thought made any difference in ones life and outside of some petty name-calling between the two groups it probably works out best for both sides. the TAW can continue as it was envisioned from their start by promoting local artist and the TAH can pursue their goals as a retail venture in a tough economy.
in a calculated move by art-hop folks this christmas season they decided to promote themselves by placing the "leg-lamps" from the cleveland movie "a christmas story" in TAH particapants windows. so when shoppers and outsiders drive through the neighborhood during the tremont art-walk (coincidentally art-hop takes place on the same time & dates as the art-walk) they will know that their money is welcomed at said retailer.
the only problem i have is seeing those gaudy leg-lamps all over the place. i imagine visitors that have not been to tremont and decides to take in a couple art openings and experience the local creativity going on during tremont art-walk will scratch their head and wonder if this is what the community calls art.
cleveland despite its connection with the movie was slow in catching on with the leg-lamp phenomenon. webpages are dedicated to sharing their leg-lamp sightings, the chamber of commerce in a town in indiana posed in front of their leg-lamp and can be seen on the aforementioned site.
if the gimmick even works is yet to be seen but either way i'm a little disappointed in my neighborhoods (lack of) creativity..


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