Saturday, December 03, 2005

machine go boom live from cleveland(s) WRUW

click her for the MGB video from *live from cleveland* on december 9, 2005
video of the "machine go boom" show previously mentioned (below), the song is "ms. hepburns house" and is in windows media video-9.
click here for the 4 minute video. (i replaced the audio on that video with the radio feed.)
the radio webcast is archived on WRUW here, its only available for 7 days (dec 8th)..

one of cleveland's favorite bands: machine go boom, will be playing live in studio on WRUW-91.1 "live from cleveland" show thursday december 1 at 10pm. if you cannot pick-up the signal in your area, RUW has a streaming broadcast here.
WRUW archives their shows for one week, on friday i'll post the URL where that can be accessed..
speaking of WRUW, michael from "radio dystopia" is back from hiatus and his radio show is broadcast at 12:00pm-2:30pm every thursday, check it out.


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