Friday, December 09, 2005

miller/muenz photography show

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fellow cleveland photographer "bryon miller" and i will be having a photography show on friday december 9th at the literary cafe as part of the december tremont art-walk. bryon is one of the owners of the miller/weitzel gallery on detroit avenue and he asked me to share a show with him at the "lit". he mentioned at the time that this is his last showing in cleveland before he moves to portland maine.
bryon always throws compliments to me about my photography though i believe he has only seen it on the internet..
i've been to a couple art showings that bryon had a few pieces in but i've never seen very much of it outside a few pieces, so it will be nice to peruse more of his work on that friday night.
there was no real theme of this show outside of having a "cleveland-connection". bryons girlfriend "lacy" has been telling people "lou's going to have a bunch of rock-shots" (i guess she been to my website as well) but i never really said that and now i'm realizing she maybe right, now that i'm real close to choosing the couple handfull of prints i plan to go with..
anyway, it should be a fun time and i'll have details about a possible band or dj that we may have (mikey of MGB is recording so thats out of the question).


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