Thursday, December 29, 2005

too much to ask?

why do i need to be anal about this?
i have gone back to pasting my ID on the photos i upload which i originally got away from because i didn't care for the look but now that i rarely go through a day that i don't see my photos on someone's website, journal or flyer without credit to the photographer - something that gets "under my skin" i've decided to go back to placing my ID in the corner. 
so i'm willing to compromise appearance for "peace of mind". many people do give credit and/or ask for permission but they fall into the minority and force me into "net-cop" mode.
i've never turned down peoples request for the use of my photos with credit nor have i hassled people about using them without, outside of those who crop the photo or do other manipulations with it..

so in short, if you use an image of mine, credit to you will need permission to crop or manipulate an image or any part of unless it is to resize.


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