Tuesday, January 10, 2006

be on the lookout

when you file a stolen vehicle report in cleveland you have to sign a form stating that you will not get in the car before you report it found
sunday i posted about my car being stolen. below is descriptions of the car for any mcgyver's in the audience. any help would be appreciated.

1990 accura integra LS
light tan in color.
plate # AOY-8848
odometer read 137,468 miles last time i bought gas.
missing front hubcap.
antenna broken off (previous vandalism).
front turn signal light covers smashed in (previous vandalism).
front passenger side bumper-trim hanging to ground.
front passenger side headlight burned out.
no body dents.
no stickers on bumper or anywhere else.
missing stereo from previous theft.
driver seat is torn with the foam showing.
several "kiddie-meal" toys in back seat.
several bags of smashed cans in grocery bags are in the trunk.
lead crowbar under driver seat.
faulty transmission that does not go in reverse and is hard to get out of park when its cold.
(if i find a photo of my car i'll post it.)


Blogger steveg said...

Such a beauty! I can see why they took it. Too bad you didn't have "THE CLUB" on the steering column. I read that it is a deterent.

Seriously, sorry to hear the rip off. If you need a ride let me know.

6:01 PM, January 10, 2006  

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