Monday, January 16, 2006

celebrating MLK day

today is the day government, city workers, bankers and other fortunate(s) gets a paid holiday for the observance of martin luther king, while the rest of us get to celebrate the small amount of traffic while driving/pedaling to work.
i remember back when they were attempting to make this a legal holiday that arizona (the rap group "public enemy" even had a song detailing the alleged racism with "back to arizona") was the lone state to "hold-out" and not vote along the lines of the other states. my thoughts then was like whoa arizona must be racist or something and ignoring their contention that it would cost tons of money and the people that deserve the holiday the most would be the ones that had jobs that didn't recognize the holiday and be slighted.
my ignorance back then is another classic example of how every issue has two sides and despite how absurd the opposing opinion is at the time that you'll be doing a large disservice not only to yourself but others by refusing to listen to both arguments.
as i write this i'm in the middle of my 12 hour work shift so please excuse me for not being in a "celebratory-mode"


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