Monday, January 09, 2006

highs & lows of 2006

reanactment of finding my car stolen in tremont, cleveland ohio
my holiday was awesome in where as i had a very laid-back christmas with my one sister in ohio and her family having brunch & exchanging gifts of value <10 dollars. i like the idea of exchanging gifts if it is not in a competitive exchange and thankfully my sister marylou who lives in mentor with her beautiful family sees it the same way.

everything including the weather seemed to workout the first week of january until i awoke sunday morning and went out for a walk to the cafe for my coffee and found my car that was parked in front of my apartment was now gone.
this cause me shock, believing my 1990 acura with 140,000 miles and does not have a reverse gear and missing a radio that was previously stolen, would be of some value with other cars that are worth 5 times of mine that were within 50 feet of mine.
i am going to be in "full bike mode" for a few weeks or if my ride is found and i probably need the exercise..

the cop explained the action as "anyway they can get their drugs"

fortunatly, the pittsburgh steelers won their playoff game later the afternoon which shaped me in a more positive mode.


the photo is a reanactment of me going out this morning and finding my car gone.


Blogger Adam Harvey said...

Your car got stolen? WTF!?

8:20 AM, January 09, 2006  

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