Monday, January 23, 2006

steelers back to the superbowl for the sixth time

pittsburgh steeler fans rejoice during sundays game - photo courtesy of the detroit free press
i was telling people for over a month now that the pittsburgh steelers were the team to beat going into the playoffs, they were 7-5 and had a mid-season slump when their star QB was ailing but finished the regular season by ending the 8 game winning streak of the chicago bears and also ended the Vikings 6 game winning streak at minnasota as well punishing the browns in cleveland 41-0.
pittsburgh then had to play on the road throughout the playoffs and done so by beating the number 1,2 & 3 seeded teams in their own stadiums, something that never been done in NFL history.
being a steeler fan in cleveland is sort of like wearing a suit and tie at a grateful dead concert.
browns fans are always quick to point out that "cowher can't win the big-one" and with his 2-8 record in AFC championship games (browns are 0-0 in championship games in that same period) there may be some truth to that but this is the first time that cowher has had a legitimate star at quarterback. kordell stewart, o'donnell & maddox did not have the collective talent amongst them to even compare to phenom ben rothlisberger.

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this denver post article about a teacher in pittsburgh that had a student that wore a bronco jersey to class, sit on the floor and ordered other students fire paper wads at him, the class was on ethicity.

history on one of my favorite pittsburgh steeler: "jefferson street" joe gilliam


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