Wednesday, March 22, 2006

job security

stock footage from crime sections
today at my place of employment on west 25th street (CDC) we had sergeant robert gottu of the cleveland police department come in to give us employees or those willing to listen (employer schedules these at 14:30 because that is when the first shift is done and the second shift is rotating their first breaks) to this non-mandatory meeting.
we along with many other businesses in the 25th-metro area have seen break-ins and robberies and other problems rise lately at their business. the one that prompted our employer to "take action" and ask the CPD to send a representative to come out and point out what us employees are "doing wrong", was a male caucasian that broke through the front door windows after unsuccessfully breaking through a double pane window in the lunch room. after entering the building he ravaged through the receptionist office and some other rooms before freaking out our art-therapist who was in her office.
our place is about 150 feet wide and is separated with the dialysis floor on one side and multiple offices on the other. this crime happened in the evening so most of the offices were empty except for the AT who was staying late to finish something or other.
this man gave jojo (not real name) quite a scare and she came running to the other side for help. being the only man in the building, i was asked to go to the office hallway to clear out any danger that may still linger while the girls called the cops and clung to each other. immediately i thought of items in our workplace that can be used as weapons and eliminated the gallons of formaldehyde we have and ended up with a large pair of rusty scissors in my hand while i flushed the offices of intruders.
the earlier scream from jojo must of scared the man out of the building and we awaited the police to arrive.
now getting back to the meeting with sergeant gottu that we had today. it was my feeling that this was set up to just pacify us and after 5-10 mins i was pretty certain that our super was asking questions to the officer that dealt with what the employees need to do differently to make this a safer place and not what i felt was the problem which is what our employer needs to do to make this a safer place for not only us employees but the patients that come for treatments. so after several silly questions and statements from our supervisette about "where to kick men that are a problem", i asked a few questions of my own and the first being:
"is our cameras and 24 hour recording equipment working properly?" super replied: that it was (we would find out after the meeting that it wasn't) but "we certainly can't count on that for information or deterring intruders because of the fuzzy and dark video that we get from that (outdated) equipment".
sergeant guttu replied: "not having a quality video system is a big reason that the guy who broke through the window will probably never be apprehended". "having some large warning signs around the area notifying people that the area is being videoed and that violaters will be prosecuted will also help".
feeling confident at this point i asked: "why don't we have alarms to go off as soon as a window is broken, since the only times that we had broken windows it was because of intruders?
super quickly replied: "we would LOU, but everytime a truck would go by or a kid bounced a ball of the place the alarm would go off".
my reply: "huh? -- its 2006.."
our guest sergeant guttu interrupted: "actually, you can get those where they go off when the contact is broken which only happens when the window breaks".
at this time i wanted to go on break so i asked my last question: "what is the problem with the the lights around our parameter? some nights they are on some nights they are not.."
our super responded by explaining that since she is new at this position she had a few problems programming the devise (it uses military time) but this should be all cleared up now since she had a man come out to set it properly. (this was a lot better reply than the one the head nurse got when she called her at home and said patients are afraid to go out to the parking lot cause it is pitch black, a few nights after the break-in when the nurse got a reply of "what do you want me to do about it? -- deal with it..")
after a couple minutes of how to properly gouge someone's eyes out with a set of keys the meeting ended with the officer stating that we need to do something about upgrading the camera/video situation, look into window alarms and make sure the place is lit well at night.
i'm glad i made a point of making this meeting, some of us learned a lot and kudos to sergeant guttu, with out him there i would of probably looked like a fool..


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