Friday, March 03, 2006

this bike is a pipe bomb

i understand why we have to be more carefull after the 911 attacks but i don't understand why we have also "fight this battle" without using our heads.

i pasted the story below.

first off, if the bike was what the police feared why would the culprit announce it with a commercially printed band sticker? is it common for terrorist's to announce their attack with a lable on their back? has any terrorist attack been foiled because a sticker was attached to a piece of luggage or any parcel containing the actual explosive?

i thought police & security personel had to go through training or special courses to become a cop. is there an instructor of these classes out there telling their student: "sometimes you get lucky and you'll get a bike with a sticker reading 'this bike is a pipe bomb' or a piece of luggage with a sticker reading 'napalm death'"?

the story is below
by Sam Baltrusis of independent news


This bike is a pipe bomb? Not quite.

A 28-year-old graduate student was charged with inducing panic in a bomb scare at Ohio University on Thursday, March 2. His alleged crime? The student, Patrick K. Hanlin, had a This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb band sticker attached to his bicycle.

Four buildings on the Ohio campus were closed and a bomb squad was summoned to see if the bike was, in fact, a pipe bomb. Nothing explosive was found.

Of course, Pensacola's music scene is collectively laughing out loud as the weird news story is breaking nationally. This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb is a local punk-folk band that's been around since the late '90s.

Talk about irony.

Terry Johnson, bassist/vocalist for the respected group and co-owner of Sluggo's on Cervantes, says she sees the humor in the story but feels bad because Hanlin's bike was completely destroyed during the police raid.

"I think I'm stating the obvious," she says, "but if you're going to blow up a campus with your bike, you're not going to put a sticker advertising it."

Johnson says she's interested in helping Hanlin, who is possibly facing a penalty of six months in jail for "inducing panic." The Sluggo's co-owner say her band may raise money for Hanlin to purchase a new bike and help with potential legal fees.

"That bike may be the only way he's able to get to work," Johnson says. "If we can find a way to help this kid, we will."

Pipe Bomb guitarist, Rymodee, says a similar incident happened in Washington D.C. back in '97.

"This has happened before," he says, adding that the incident in our nation's capital didn't spark press interest but attributes the overreaction to the country's current state of heightened panic. "For me, I'm first concerned with his bicycle and now I hear he may face charges. This is really bad."


Blogger SnogAsh said...

Good grief. OU cops are freaks. Once during my freshman year I tripped on campus walking home from a movie on a Friday night and a bike cop made me take a battery of tests because he was sure I was wasted.

1:36 PM, March 07, 2006  

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