Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"the church" the new tremont art spot

the church replaces the inside-outside gallery on west 14th in cleveland's tremont
as i described in this entry what a asset the inside/outside was to the tremont community and how much it will be missed.
that statement is a fact but not totally complete. the I/O had their lease expire and was given short notice but enough to acquire a decent storefront (the place where the hispanic church vacated at 2681 w.14th) across the street from the old spot, the new gallery is now named "the church".
bullett teeth from portland at *the church*
erin gave me a tour of the "the church" after the "defiance ohio" show on monday night and what i seen of the place looks very promising. it appears that there is overall more space and erin, rafeeq & tony seem excited to start anew.
there will be more info & updates of "the church" as time passes and i'm excited to see things progress..

the band "bullett teeth" from portland is the band shown from tuesday 25, april 2006.


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