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the friends of ken schneider

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there has been a number of charities and benefits created for ken schneider who was severly injured during a robbery at his store. i have reposted a bulliten sent out by the group "friends of ken fund" that are raising money for his family for the huge costs that the crime has created.

deliverance clothing are selling t-shirts (design shown above) and stickers with all proceeds going to the family, go here for more info.

pat's in the flats will be the host of the benefit rock/art show on sunday april 30, 2006, flyer and details below below.


On March 22, 2006, Ken Schneider, the owner of Schneider's Bike Shop in Cleveland, Ohio, was robbed, beaten and left for dead in his store. The assailant had robbed Ken two times previously and when he came back a third time, Ken sprayed him with mace and tried to get away, but instead was attacked and assaulted with a hammer, causing massive head injuries. When Ken didn't return home from the shop at the end of the work day, his wife became worried and went to the shop to find him unconscious on the floor.

In the time since, Ken has had several major brain surgeries and is still in intensive care in a Cleveland hospital facing a long recovery. The attacker, who had recently been released from prison after serving a long sentence for voluntary manslaughter, has been arrested and is being held on a 2 million dollar bail, awaiting sentencing for this heinous crime.

Schneider's Bike Shop is a generation's old bike shop that has been in business for several decades. Ken Schneider has always stocked a good selection of BMX and skateboard goods and is well known for his generosity, kindness and for just being a cool guy with a cool shop.

A fund has been set up to aid the Schneider family during this incredibly difficult time. Several bike and skate companies are raising funds through various promotions as well. The response by the Cleveland community, as well as the extended bike and skateboard community, has been amazing, but the Schneider family still needs help for medical expenses, loss of income and the related costs of the aftermath of this tragic event.

For one week, Props Visual, producer of Props BMX video magazine, will be donating 100% of the revenue (including the shipping) generated from the sale of it's latest release, the Road Fools 6/7 DVD set, starting Saturday, April 9th, 2006. Please go to to learn more.

For further information about the Friends of Ken Schneider Fund, please go to

To donate directly to the fund:
The Friends of Ken Schneider Fund
U.S. Bank
9740 Lorain Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44102

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Sunday April 30, 2006 - 6pm
State Of Ohio | Beard Sceince | Ohio City Bridge Wars | Baditude | Madbunny | Kid Tested | Harlem Airshaft
The artwork of: Bernie Gloriosa, Ryan Kassandy and Staci McNasty will be sold to benefit the Schneider family.
Chili & Dogs by Brad..


Blogger Safety-Net said...

Hi everyone still interested in the case of Ken Schneider. The person arrested for the robberies and assault, David Worley, has pled guilty as charged in Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas. He is due to be sentenced on June 22nd, in Judge Bridget McCafferty's courtroom.

Thus far, we have brough a couple of vans full of residents and merchants to all the proceedings. It would be great bring more down to the sentencing. Additionally, the prosecutor thought it would be a good idea for us to collect letters ahead of time. We plan to do that and present the judge with a looseleaf notebook of the letters from the community. The are a few reasons for doing this. First it is support for Ken and his family. Secondly, it send a message to the rest of the community that we all stand together when one of us is victimized. Lastly, in many cases it is helpful for the judge to see the community standing together.

If you would like to particpate in any form, please contact me by phone at (216) 631-5836, email me at, or stop by at 9801 Denison Ave., Cleveland.


Michael McDonald
Program Manager,

12:34 PM, May 26, 2006  

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