Tuesday, April 25, 2006

RIP - the inside/outside gallery

tremont art gallery the inside-outside RIP
good times and fine art were easily found at the inside-outside by many people at this tremont gallery on west 14th.
i have hundreds of photos from art shows/rock shows, breakfast potlucks and whatnot, many of those photos can be seen here.
erin kray & r.a.washington aka rafeeq put in a lot of time at the inside/outside and viva libre books & music and their hardwork made the inside/outside my favorite tremont art-gallery. i believe the I/O was a must-see on tremont artwalks and was the only tremont art gallery that regularly had live original music via rock, punk, rap, r&b, free jazz, etc. (list of bands) as well as many poetry readings.
the homeless benefit that was held there earlier this winter raised nearly 700 dollars for the homeless, much of the credit goes to rafeeq who organized the event and provided much time, effort and resources to make it the success it was.
despite the loud music that emanated from the gallery when a band was playing the I/O never had a complaints from the neighbors. if a band was playing on a weeknight they made sure to have the show finish at a reasonable time.
luckily for all those that have enjoyed the inside/outside gallery, erin, rafeeq & tony plan to start up anew across the street at 2681 west 14th. in a place they call "the church" (more on this in my next post). for more info visit the I/O website here.
the schedule for when bands are playing is here.


Blogger SMK said...

Hi there- I am a writer for a national series of travel guides and am undertaking a massive project- The Insiders' Guide to Cleveland- the city's first "proper" comprehgensive travel book. I plan to include many of the neighborhoods and stumbled upon your site while researching a few things about Tremont... you have some interesting perspectives- and some great pictures! Email me if you are open to a brain-picking. (As a side note- I am from Pittsburgh too.) Thanks!

6:13 PM, April 28, 2006  

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