Sunday, May 28, 2006

about that free times article about "punkrock softball"

punkrock softball is for everyone..
i'm reposting the email reply (jae posted it to his myspace page as well) jae kristoff sent to dan harkens of the free times below. harkens wrote the article "balls out.." that was supposed to be about "punk rock softball".
jae was and hopefully will still be the main organizer of PRS which started a few summers ago. jae as well as others took exception to some of the mis-quotes and how PRS was betrayed. the softball get together was always open to all and we sent out many emails and posts to different boards that everyone is invited. my main fault with the article was that made it seem that PRS was a special club for hipsters which couldn't be farther from the truth. the day that harkens was down there was a typical PRS turnout where as you had mothers, fathers, babies as well as people from local bands.

i believe jae sent this directly to harkens and not to the editor so i believe it won't be used in the "letters" section of the paper, that's unfortunate.


Hi Dan,
I would like to take this time to thank you for ruining softball for us at Clark Fields. You took liberty with the truth throughout the article. I told you it was pretty much a non story just a bunch of dudes and chicks getting together and trying to have fun and stay active and you missed the point entirely. Instead, you ended up writing your own G.G. Allin punk rock fairytale about softball, breaking the agreement that we had that you would not mention WHERE WE PLAY.
Your article has brought unwanted attention from the police and community by distorting the truth. I told you that the cops have always been cool with us down there and never gave us any issue. So you ask an inebriated Bubba about it and he jokes around with you about the cop jerking off which would be funny if it had either actually happened or if Bubba was really trying to be a dick. You told me you had other articles on softball and we were just going to be a small part of a bigger softball story and that, once again, you wouldnt mention WHERE WE PLAY.
Most of us were not drinking at all. I had a fucking baby in my arms most of the day and there were whole families there just trying to have fun. Instead you made it seem like a weekly orgy of drugs and alcohol with lines like it is as if somebody spiked the Gatorade with crystal meth. HAHA. Thats pretty fucking funny man.

Speaking of lines, how about this one: To find out how to join Punk Rock Softball, fuck off and go get your own friends. We always encouraged new people to come out to play but we wish we had thought of your line before we invited you to come on down and distort the truth. Maybe you would have had a better idea of what its like to play with us if you had played too.
When I said if we cared it would probably be embarrassing, It meant being competitive instead of having fun. There are some good ball players out there but the point was for everyone to have fun and do something different on their weekends. Your article could have highlighted that instead of making us look like a bunch of jobless squatter assholes.
You suck and good luck with your future as a bullshit journalist/fucking liar.

Jae Kristoff
xxxx west xxth street up

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Blogger Adam Harvey said...

Man that article is awful.

7:44 AM, May 30, 2006  
Blogger Adam Harvey said...

Wait, does this mean that PRS is DONE done? This is sooo getting reposted.

7:47 AM, May 30, 2006  
Blogger lou m said...

yes, bad article.
i'm hoping that more softball will be played, i'll let you know if/when it happens..

12:45 PM, May 30, 2006  
Blogger laundrygerl said...

For the record... I remember getting an invitation but had to work so couldn't play.

Second, this sounds just like another shit article they wrote not so long ago. TFT promised not to name names, but how far off is "Babe" from "Gabe?" Duh...

Not to mention the fantasy war crap they wrote about Gabe made Gabe look like an ass and was wildly impossible.

The crap not only got Gabe in trouble with his Army superiors, it forced Barb and me to field VERY ANGRY and threatening phone calls from pissed off American Vets to Edison's. Do these folks care about how they can hurt people? Life was uncomfortable there for awhile...

I have a couple friends who work at TFT, so I hesitate to totally blast the organization, but some of the reporting lacks basic research, ethics and objectivity which is highly irresponsible...

What is next? A two-headed Elvis is reported jiggline on a space ship in front of the Rock Hall demanding Graceland back? WTF?

I'm off to Dave's to buy a copy of Star magazine...

1:57 PM, May 31, 2006  

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