Monday, May 22, 2006

the lives of the saints last hurrah!

the last lives of the saints show, ever!

i have "bumped" this post up so you all know that this saturday the 27th of may is THE LAST lives of the saints show, it'll be packed so get there early!!

anyone that knows me is aware that i like clevelands "lives of the saints". within the next three weeks they are performing their last two shows. this friday (may 5) at the beachland is the next one and then saturday the 27th of may 2006 is the last show at pat's in the flats where the fun all got started, opening this night will be machine go boom.

below is some hype that i jibbed off the beachland & pat's websites..

Lives of the Saints began its career as a Bad Brains tribute band called Fearless Vampire Killers, organized solely for the purpose of a benefit show for the Cleveland Free Clinic. The chemistry between the four original members was so potent, however, that the Bad Brains set was summarily discarded and the Lives of the Saints moniker was adopted. And no wonder -- several of the members had been together in very influential underground Cleveland bands, such as Biblical Proof of UFOs, the Conservatives, and Proletarian Art Threat. Over the course of two years, the lineup grew even further: Matt Fish, drummer for former Get Hip recording artists the Chargers Street Gang, joined the band. The result is a furious summation of all that is good and true about the Midwest's underground music scene: a loud repudiation of trends brought about by insubstantial "rock" fashionistas, and an unwavering adherence to full-on catharsis. Drive Like Jehu-poisoned guitars weave between order and chaos, spurred on by dub-infected bass and muscular drumming. What truly makes Lives of the Saints stand out from their atonal peers is the soulful wail of Lawrence Daniel Caswell. The resulting effect is at once terrifying and beautiful, as if Bobby Womack were singing the Book of Revelation over a bursting dam. "Plasma for Guns... twitchy, overanxious post-punk, with snaking guitar lines, lots of red-faced shouts... A coed trio, the members of Plasma for Guns all swap instruments live, with each taking turns on vox, bass, drums, and guitar. The players gradually work themselves into a sweaty fever, and by song's end, they sound ready to implode in a mess of feedback and broken guitar strings. But the group is careful to maintain a gritty tunefulness through it all, and members never seem to remove their tongues from their cheeks on sardonic kiss-offs like "Katie Holmes' Silent Birth" and "We Put the Fidel in Low-Fidelity." This is what all the smartasses will be dancing to in '06. " - Jason Bracelin, Scene Magazine, January 4th, 2006

videos from the first LOTS show, at pat's in the flats

Lives Of The Saints
"Black Precedent"
May 23, 2003
Windows Media File (807kb)

Quicktime (1.9mb)


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