Friday, May 26, 2006

memorial day happenings

this photo was shot by my dad during WWII on his ship the prentiss. reverie..
i have to work this memorial day (again) but that won't keep me from celebrating this weekend.
outside of remembering my dad who served in WWII & the korean war as well as othere who sacrificed their time and blood for this country here are a few things i have planned:

friday 26, 2006 - 10pm
john_k & jeff of roue birthday celebration at "the church". michaels comedy show is at 8pm but i'm working till 11..

saturday 27
10am - breakfast at pat's in the flats on the patio (prep for later this evening?)
9pm - lives of the saints final show w/ machine go boom & houseguest at pat's in the flats!

sunday 28
2pm - BBQ at the church with old time relijun & others performing.
9pm - roxannes official birthday bash with the debut of a few new bands. location is on the river, official locale is secret so email me or ask foxy roxy..

and all weekend long is the greek-fest in tremont on west 14th so i hope to make it there one of those days as well.


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