Thursday, June 15, 2006

i wanna ride

biking is cool when supplemented with a some car action.
it has been over 6 months that my car has been stolen and my self imposed penance (i had little hope that it would be recovered) of six months has passed and i really miss not having a car available even though i was was only averaging about 3k miles/yr for the last handful of years that i been working on the near west/southside.

i have good friends like shawn flowers (shawn has helped me out on a weekly+ basis with rides to clubs on the eastside & other locales including a trip to pittsburgh), wasco, tory, ben, karen, mikey, michael, bubba, jess, chloe, paul, justin, adam and probably a few other people that i'm unfortunately overlooking right now that has provided me ride. i am very grateful to all that has helped me out and i intend to right that ship when possible.

i didn't mind riding throughout the winter or other inclement weather one encounters when being without a car but having to depend on others when going crosstown at night, grocery shopping, recycling my cans, etc. has become uncomfortable and i miss the freedom of just taking off on 4 wheels whenever the need arises.
so anyone that knows of a ride for sale that has intended use of 3k/m a year and is reasonable, let me know..


Blogger Adam Harvey said...

I dunno if I've ever given you a ride, but if you need one or need to borrow my car, just ask. There is a brown minivan on W11th for sale for $300 dollars. I dunno how craptacular it is though.

7:59 AM, June 20, 2006  
Blogger lou m said...

you gave me a ride to the happy dog about 7mths ago.
thanks for the offer, if i get stuck i'll consider that.
i have bad experiences with vans, thanks for looking out.

10:12 AM, June 20, 2006  

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