Friday, June 16, 2006

sunday & thursday nights at edisons

jeff deasy serves up some wicked tune action at edisons on sunday and thursday nights..
edisons is not quite my biggest tremont hangout but on sunday & thursday nights i try to make it in for a couple brews if for no other reason that i can count on jeff playing some GOOD music. i am not a real big fan of satelite radio and that is what edisons usually has on, some 80s station.
yet, sundays & thursdays jeff is playing his own mixes which includes some really sweet tunes. last-nite we were listening to bands such as: built to spill (new), tv on the radio (new), pavement, mike patton (new), eagles of death metal and a ton of other stuff that i'm unwilling to recall.
tuesday nights are open-mic night at edisons and is also a decent night to drop in if you appreciate music but open-mic things are always hit and miss affairs so tread carefully.


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