Friday, July 14, 2006

2006 ingenuity festival

along the eastern shore - a salute to albert ayler
amongst all the cover bands & stilt-walkers that permiate this years ingenuity festival there are a handfull of shows i plan to catch that actually live up to the term "ingenuity". i listed below a couple that come to mind, i'll list more when/if i get a chance. the one i'm listing first is on sunday at 12:30pm and has ra.washington's "along a eastern shore" a "free-jazz opera" of sorts that deals with the life of the legendary cleveland jazz artist albert ayler. RAW has assembled a local lineup of musicians that has performed in bands BLKTYGR, this moment in black history, vernacular, lives of the saints, neil blender, short rabbits, to name just a few. daniel gray kontar (urban dialect *RIP*) will be the ayler voice, more details are pasted below.

Where: 2006 Ingenuity Festival

May Company Stage & Exhibit Corridor

Sunday July 16th - 12:30-2:30 PM

Along An Eastern Shore (World Premier)

"Along An Eastern Shore" is a choreopoem set to music celebrating one of the free jazz most intriguing players, players Albert Ayler. Come witness r.a.washington direct a twelve piece band featuring poet Daniel Gray - Kontar as THE AYLER VOICE.

Washington is a writer, musician (Vernacular/MuAmin Collective/BlkTyger), a teacher and member of The Progressive Arts Alliance. Washington is the author of three books of poetry: “for me, with those before in mind” (1995), “i wish poppa dop wuz here” (1997), and “riot sketches” (1999). Washington has published two novellas: “a boy named james” (1999) “and open” (2000), and memoir of adolescence: “RE: Unions” (2003). His short films and paintings have been shown in independent galleries across the east coast, as well as, London, England, and Toronto, Canada. Washington served as the Cleveland Museum of Art’s first ever Poet-in-Residence. As the museum’s poet, Washington wrote curricula for creative writing classes, and visited several schools, and recreational centers bringing the message of literature as a tool in building a critical life. Washington has work forthcoming in “Quotes Community: Notes for Black Poets”, edited by Thomas Sayers Ellis.

Lost Prospect
Where: Cleveland Trust Rotunda

7.14 - 6:30 PM-7:30 PM
Event or Artist Event or Artist

Startling director Damien Grey returns to Cleveland and collaborates with a team of Cleveland playwrights, sends the audience on a journey through six sites on Prospect to explore the life and history of a family and the avenue itself.

In a four-day festival bursting with creativity, the premiere of Lost
Prospect promises to be a highlight. "I don't subscribe to keep it
simple model," explains nationally accomplished director Damien Gray.
As a result, Lost Prospect promises to be a theatre experience like no
other you've had.

Working with a team of local playwrights and actors, the creation
process used to develop Lost Prospect blurs the line between the
traditional theatre roles. Although the director remains the driving
force, it is the group working together that refines and redefines the
story through a collaborative creative process. In the end the piece,
though scripted, will be different for every audience. With location
and script changes still happening just a week from curtain, Lost
Prospect is sure to be full of surprises. -more

morrison dance
MORRISONDANCE will be performing "rendezvous" on july 14,15 at 7:30pm at a converted performance space in cleveland's historic MAY company building, on the corner of euclid & prospect.


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