Friday, July 14, 2006

new american art

new american art curated by RR, william schwartz, jim karpinski, stephe dk, dana depew
i got a sneak preview last night of "new american art" curated by "rr" with works by william schwartz, jim karpinski (giant eagle), stephe dk (new lou reeds), dana depew (asterisk gallery) & joe filak. NAA deals with USA imperialism and the military that it protects..
RR was still readying the space (doubting thomas) but with what i seen it appears to be one of the fresher collaborations that the doubting thomas has had in some time. i've known dana depews artwork since he has been in tremont and his work for this show is by far some of the best i've seen by dana (rance).
stephe dk did the mural shown in the top photo and schwartz did the flag mural on the southern wall of the gallery (not shown).
some peeps may remember joe filak who had the blacklist gallery on scranton that closed not so long ago, filak's pieces are all priced at 100 bucks. a bargain for something that appears to have taken alot of time to create.
the opening for this show is tonight, friday 15, 2006 at the doubting thomas gallery and is part of the tremont artwalk.

also going on this july artwalk:

BLKTYGR will be performing live at the corner of west 11th & kenilworth from 6pm til 8pm.
"19 - a collection of 19 cleveland artists" will be at *asterisk gallery on professor ave.

This is NOT your local corporate-sponsored gallery's political art show.

There WILL be Shock and Awe (and beer and wine). And maybe some fun or at least funny and pretty stuff too.

We have repainted the exterior of Doubting Thomas, so if you haven't been there before, look for the Red, White and Blue-est building on Jefferson Avenue. Thats us. Right around the corner from Edison's, Asterisk Gallery and all those expensive restaurants I've never been to.


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