Thursday, August 03, 2006

blame it on the weather

there was a short news article in the PD this morning that caught my eye (no, not the guard-dog that chewed up 900,000 dollars worth of antique teddybears that it was guarding) titled "Mild winter blamed for spike in car thefts - Cleveland ranks No. 1 among big cities".

It was a perfect winter for a car theft.

Thefts spiked last year in Northeast Ohio, and police attribute it largely to a mild winter and wild teens.

"Thieves are not going to steal cars in a blizzard," Parma Detective Marty Compton said.

i have a few issues with short articles such as this that are incomplete, the liberal use of analyzing data and that are incongruent. i'm well aware that crime decreases during a blizzard but how about the years we had bad or normal winters and crime was high such as in the 80s in cleveland? maybe they didn't include that data because it would collide with their final hypothesis or maybe those articles i read when i first moved to cleveland in the mid-eighties about murder rates that were nearly one a day in the city were all in my dillusional mind. either way we don't really know because the story is incomplete.
part of the problem has also have to go to the CPD who now have tons of computer data analyzing crime trends in the city and the people who do that analyzing feeling compelled to have a reasoning behind every stat, call it the "grover syndrome"..


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