Tuesday, August 22, 2006

scavenger hunt

scavenger hunt tattoo worth 200 points
i took part in the scavenger hunt going on sunday along with about thirty other people. we met up in lincoln park at 4pm and chose 6 person teams (some had five), it was then that we got a huge list of items that we had to find that were worth points. the rules were simple enough: the found items could not be purchased, one list item per team and you could not drive to destinations though you could use RTA but most everyone rode their bikes.

some of the items i aquired were a dead animal (bird) worth 30 points, photo taken of a woman (non team member) flashing her breasts during the hunt (30), sunday paper (10 points), saturdays paper (20), jon benet picture (20), xmas decoration (20), wheat penney (20), lost pet flyer (20), yard sale flyer (10), railroad spike (20), urinal cake (20) and as bunch of other stuff and photos.

our team came in third place (nearly twice as many points as the 4th place team & about 100 less than 2nd) despite having team-mate tony-tatoo getting a "scavenger hunt" tatoo (200 points), river-child getting in the cuyahoga (30) and coming out with oil scum all over her, hedge shaking a cops hand (20), etc..

the battle for first place became crazy during the bonus round where dudes were chugging shot-glasses of urine (100), peeing themselves (50), and puking on their teammate (100).
so team pink skipped the bonus round and was happy with a scavenging skills and left the fear-factor shit up to the others..

photos of scunt are here.


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