Thursday, September 28, 2006

best unsung music club

the church of ayler
"best of lists" are not always a fair way to measure entertainment or recreation genres but when they get it right and expose a non-affiliated business or organization, the result can legitmise the article to a good extent.
one example i'll list today and another example i'll post tomorrow that some may find a curious entry.

todays feature is what exactly what one that is familiar with the local scene should expect for the category. the hard work of rafeeq and his relentless booking, erins vision as well as tony, wasco, justin, john_g and countless others that have pitched in with either rent, making flyers, painting, sound, cleaning up, taking out the garbage and numerous other medial tasks has much to do with the good reviews and ambiance of the space as any band or other factor could. the church [of ayler] is a no-brainer when it comes to any "best unsung music club".

below is the blurb from the september 27, 2006 cleveland scene.

Best Unsung Music Club

The Church in Tremont

Located a block away from Lincoln Park, The Church has neither a big stage nor a nice sound system. In fact it isn't a rock as much as a performance space, playing host to art shows as well as some of the best experimental-noise rock. From the downstairs reading room stocked with comic books to the main floor, where the pews account for much of the seating, The Church evokes a wonderful idiosyncratic charm.
2681 W. 14th St.,


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