Tuesday, September 19, 2006

tremont artists on the eastside

amy casey paintings at the zygote press
a couple really awesome artists have art openings this upcoming friday september 22, 2006.
amy casey is currently my favorite cleveland artist and her art opening is at the zygote press which is now located at 1410 east 30th street (between superior & st.clair).
amy captures cleveland on canvas better than i have been able to do with a camera. douglas utter has a writeup of casey & zygote press in the latest free times magazine.
the zygote will be open from 6-9pm this evening.

"degrees of frank part 1" is the name of the artshow honoring the legendary frank green.
"A Community examines it's common past and present. In recognition of our friend, artist Frank Green."

frank was one of the first artists to colonize tremont a quarter century ago and was creator of the "temple of lost love" which inspired me as well as many others to look at outdoor art in other ways.
this will be a group show curated by jean brandt.

degrees of frank part 1

Friday, September 22 2006, 6:00pm - 9:00pm


15605 Waterloo Rd
Cleveland Ohio
44110 - Telephone: 216.692.9500

This group show of work by Cleveland artists examines how as a community their common past informs their present work. Or as artist Frank Green wrote: "I am often introduced as a local performance artist, which for some reason makes me feel like a character in a T.V. sitcom. Just once I would like to be introduced as a cross between a radar detective and a sonic boom."

Featured artists:
Robert Banks, Judith Brandon, Bruce Edwards, Sally Hudak, Michael Loderstedt, Jerry Mann, Dennis Maxfield, Nancy Prudic, John Ranally, Elizabeth Schiros & Beth Wolfe


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