Friday, October 13, 2006

what a difference a day makes

shawn the stylist
after a long night of late night bike-riding i slept in till 11am, that was when my phone rang and shawn flowers explained he was ordered to take the day off from work/school from his doctor who said he was stressed out so, would i like to goof off?
i told shawn: 'sure, i'll be up to that after i get a cup of coffee in me'.
he met me at the coffee shop and there it was decided to get something to eat at the rowley inn AKA 'raughty-inn'. shawn had the steak sandwich which he said was delicious and i had the sloppy-joe special, we both had a couple noon time beers as we watched the snow flurries outside draw everyones attention. you can be in the toughest bar in the world but when you get that first snow of the year in early october you'll still get oohs & ahhs from even the manliest of steelworkers.

after our lunch we went on a quest for something to take our minds off our stress, this took a while so we went over to shawns place off of st. clair where we had a few more beers and then i talked shawn into giving me a haircut. this was the first haircut he ever gave and actually did a decent job though its not like i would of cared if he screwed-up, that shit usually grows back.

after the cut we headed up to cleveland hts to pick something up and headed back to st. clair for a few more beers before we went to 'traffic' on west 6th where jessica was having a benefit for her sister carolyn. carolyn has stage 3 colon cancer and has no health insurance and she is only 35. so yeah, just when you thought you had problems..

jessica played the gracious host and introduced me to her lovely sister maureen. traffic is a club that has modern decor and a dance floor with laser lights though when we were there not many people were dancing, many were just socializing and having a few drinks. roxanne who had just got back from europe told me that the euro-clubs are full of these places and they are packed every night. after BSing with a few peeps and gawking at jessica and her beautiful dress we headed out. details after this point get a little foggy but i know we were eventually back in tremont checking the hanging at 'asterisk' named 'all the kings horses IV'. i also remember going to the lit to see a couple readers of poetry and doing something else and the walk home.

it was a day exactly like the doctor ordered.


Blogger steveg said...

A day in the life of Lou. Thanks for the glimpse.

10:28 AM, October 14, 2006  
Blogger Adam Harvey said...

Good. Glad you got to kickback for once.

10:13 AM, October 16, 2006  

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