Wednesday, October 04, 2006

what i do with my days off

since i have 4 days off a week i always get asked "what do you do on your days off lou?" i usually give a short answer like: "chores and stuff" which sometimes brings a response of "chores? whatcha mean?" and i answer: "well, you know--computer stuff" that usually brings an 'ooohhhh' with a small grin that they are trying to hold back, as if computer stuff meant surfing porn sites.
i won't deny that i sometimes checkout or whatever for stress relieving issues but i try to control that habit for no other reason than that those sites are usually loaded with spyware, spam, viruses and other worrisome issues..

now i am going to break down a typical off day of mine by reliving what i did with my last day off (october 3), 'mostly doing chores' on the computer.

i woke late after working from 730am til 1130pm the day before and then going to see a couple bands at the church and hanging out late with rafeeq, aaron & josiah afterward.

12 noon

rode to luckys for my one coffee of the day and brought my laptop with me.


after checking my email i notice that jean of sent me a PDF of the upcoming show at BG featuring kenn louis. my laptop does not have the premium version of adobe acrobat as my desktop does so i use my screen capturing software (ifranview) to grab the two images, save to my harddrive and then opened them in photoshop so i can resize them and optimize for the web via image-ready.
i then open my web-editor (nuvu) and save/archive the previous show that was on the "current page" and create a new page for the upcoming show and place one of those aforementioned images there. i repeat this process for the other page that has the backside of this card (image).
i then update the index page with the new info, save the work and upload via smartFTP. after i workout a couple glitches i notice that it is 1248.


i needed to update a couple items on so i go through a similar routine detailed above but this only takes about 18mins.


notice that i have an email from peter of (a cool alternative rock zine outta NY, NY.) he needs several photos of shows of 'the church' i have for an upcoming feature he is doing about DIY spaces around the US. he asks that they are in 300dpi and at least 4x6 in size, he also mentions that the deadline is oct. 6.
after reading that email it is then i remember that some other fellow from the same magazine asked me last week to send a few high-rez BW photos of the band 'rac-ooo-oon' that i shot in the spring and that deadline is oct 3!


i start working on the files of that 'rac-ooo-oon' show and am halfway done when i see that my laptop battery is near depleted (i use my battery meter as a timer for how long i been at the coffee shop, i don't need to be in that place longer than my batteries last).


after riding home and making some iced-tea i finish up the last project then start the oct-6 deadline one, i'm sending him 5 high-rez photos, he can use what he wants, it is now nearly 3pm.


i've been redoing rafeeq's site ( he wants a wordpress site so he can easily update it. i work on that for about 40 mins then check my email.
its peter again, he likes the photos i sent him but would like a few some that "has more of the space in it" and he also mentioned that he was on my website and found one from the band 'chum' (shawn flowers band) that he would like to use cause he thinks "its a really awesome photo and it shows off the stage area well". i replied back telling him that the one of 'chum' is not the stage area, they were setup in the rear corner..


i notice my cats are hungry from maximus continuosly jumping in front of my keyboard and lucy licking everything plastic so i ride over to daves supermarket for a 10-lb bag of imes catfood and wished i had room in my bag for a 12pak of beer..


after feeding my cats and changing their litter box i take a couple swigs of ice-tea and check my email.
i find out the show at pat's on friday has a lineup change so i fix that and remove some spam the 'the church' website, i then get a call from shawn_m saying that he plans to get his band 'kid tested' back together and that they have a CD coming out soon so he asks me if i could get his website ( back online. i told shawn before that the domain has long expired and he needs to email the place an explain that it was originally his and if he can have it back. shawn tells me he is not good with that stuff and maybe i can do that, i reply "we'll see.." (words you don't want to hear me utter).


tired with messing with others projects, i take a look at the photos i shot last week that i didn't even had a chance to look at yet. after uploading a couple pics i realize that i'm stessed and my neck is sore, i also havn't ate all day. i resist the urge to askjolene and settle for a hot-bath before getting something to eat at 5 dollar cheeseburger night at prosperity, trying to get there before happy hour ends at 8pm (i didn't).

perhaps i can spend my next day off looking for a car (& a bike), i have a feeling thats not going to happen..


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