Friday, November 03, 2006

art smoker

is it ALL about money?
election day is coming up this tuesday and i'm pretty certain on all the candidates/issues i am voting on but there is this issue 18 that i'm having a hard time convincing myself to vote yes for despite all my art friends pressuring me to vote yes.

my main problem is the local politicians integrity when it come to spreading that money around and cooperating with the local arts.

i remember jane campbell promising to "put local cleveland artist first" and have the city cooperate in anyway they could when it came to local arts, only to have two weeks later the largest non-funded local outdoor art project in cleveland at that time: "the temple of lost love" plowed under and painted over by city workers on a sunday while they were earning overtime.
before you go saying 'aww lou, they were just a bunch of punks with spray-paint cans' the temple of lost love was made up of artists such as: frank green, steve smith, 'the joan of art', beth wolfe, amy sparks, hover, shrug, pj doran, paul maccorone (black-ark) and many others particapating at one time or another.
for those that believe outdoor art is an eyesore, the ToLL was not visible by any road and tucked away underneath the broken eagle street lift-bridge.

a more recent example of our local leaders hatred for the arts is of course 'the church' that was shutdown by the city for not having the proper permits though most everyone knows it was more of a witch-hunt that bordered on racism.

BTW: i am not a smoker.


Blogger Tim Ferris said...

I think your concerns are legitimate and well grounded. Thanks for speaking out against bad public policy. I see the benefit to a few nonprofits, but that is about all. I also have trouble with the government becoming the patron of the arts, the broker of commissions. They handle money so poorly, we shouldn't give them more.

10:29 AM, November 05, 2006  

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