Thursday, November 09, 2006

bernard video party

bernard video party at sokolowski's the 10th on november 2006
looking back on the last year, there is one thing (actually many) that i am thankfull for and it has been the recovery of bernard sokolowski III from his serious bike accident in europe a little over a year ago.
bernard recovered from having his back/pelvis smashed and lengthy time in a coma followed by a year of rehab that he is still going through. yet B3 is back on the streets with vid-camera in hand thanks to his hard work and support of his great family. bernard is having a video party at sokolowski's university inn this friday the 10th of november at 10pm, you may wanna get there earlier to enjoy the outstanding dinners the SUI has.
this show is part of the tremont artwalk that takes place on these first friday's of the month.
aside from bernards website, you can also find his videos on his YOU TUBE page.
i hope to make an early appearance but have previous obligations to attend the joanna newsome show at the beachland this same night.


Blogger bernard video said...

Thanks for your support. Check out my new video buddy.

2:19 PM, December 24, 2006  

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