Thursday, November 09, 2006


i was hesitant of writing this post because of my closet superstition of moments of joy.
three weeks ago my friend steve sold me a car for basically nothing. i was skeptical at first about getting something for nothing that may end up costing hundreds shortly thereafter.

after taking a test drive of this 1988 toyota with steve a couple weeks beforehand, i was impressed with the engine & transmission. both were quiet and in working order so this was not something i was concerned about despite my initial skeptism.

the weakness of this mature lady is the suspension. i believe that the shocks are shot and the springs are singing sad blues songs before they depart this earth.

all in all i am happy with this car and am hoping that if i limit the milage below 20 miles a week, that i'll have something to get me through this winter.

the superstition part that i mention earlier refers to my experiences of jubilation that i dance about only to have them blow back into my face.

regardless of my future with this car, i would like to thank steve. it is refreshing to do business with a'straight-up' fellow without a hidden agenda. i've been pressuring steve to post some of those photos that i observe him capturing at various shows, i'll let you know when that happens..


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