Tuesday, December 05, 2006

the kindnest of people

i have alot of great friends and that i am thankful for. some of those are friends that are really 'honest' tell me that people treat me different because im a photograher & am shooting thier shows and whatnot, thus they feel obligated to treat me kind. i like this honesty & never really thought of it that way.
all this time i thought my appeal may have been of just being honest and having trust with my friends/subjects.
either way, i'm thankful for anyone who has treated me kind, too many to mention..

i will mention 'amy' and my infaturation with this girl since the first time i met her. amy was playing pool with pepper who i met on a few occasions previously, anyway pepper seen me and say's hey lou or whatever and i walked over to greet pepper and thats when i seen amy for the first time and said something like 'wow, your so beautiful', kind of cheesy way to greet someone and a first for me but it felt real liberating being honest despite the look on peppers face. now it has been about a year and i've got to know amy alot better each time i'm around her and consider her one of my closest allies.

my friend [sf] always like to remind me how crazy i am, for that i say: phak you shawn
i have friends that will confirm that above line, friends that like me for more than that 'i take their pictures', you jealous bitch.

if this post sounds silly, i really don't care, i'm sober drinking a hot tea in a warm coffee-shop..


Blogger steveg said...

In my book, you are the picture definition of cool. You do your thing, you hurt no-one doing it, you help many while doing it, you don't seem to care how it looks, what others think about it. You are independent and shoot straight. This is cool and that is your appeal and what attracts the kindness.

I'm proud to consider you my friend.

10:19 AM, December 16, 2006  

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