Monday, December 11, 2006

tymoc cafe

click here for a flicker stot of this that includes notes of a handful of distinct changes that have happened since

this is the same shot as above but from dec. 2006
i found a few photos recently from the early 90s from the 700 block of starkweather avenue with the 'tymoc cafe' in tremont which was a bar at the time and is now 'lucky's cafe' coffee shop.
there are many changes to this area since this photos was first shot with an old pentax with a badly scratched lens.
these few photos of this area are the only photos of the 'tymoc' era of this block on the internet. i'm sure there has to be more.

thanks to tim herron to indirectly reminding me of this shot by again reminding me that i owe him a large rez shot of the old browns market.

the top shot to the left is the one from the early 90s, the bottom is the same angle of that area but from december 2006, a couple other photos of this '700' block of starkweather avenue from the early 90s are here.

the contained photo contains notes if the dstinct changes that have happened since, go here.


Blogger Michael said...

My name is Mike Tymoc and I am from the Detroit area going to Michigan State. My grandparents have talked about this place, we have family in Cleveland and they used to run that bar.

11:09 PM, January 20, 2009  

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